We’re giving you eight good reasons more to smile in the Land of Smiles and each one is every bit delicious!

Pad Thai

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A classic – this stir-fried noodle dish has won the hearts of many locals and foreigners alike with its versatility and flavor combination. For the best place to have pad thai, head over to Pad Thai Tip Samai in the Phra Nakorn neighborhood.

Tom Yum

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Another classic, tom yum is a hot and sour soup that’s bursting with flavor. While one can get tom yum anywhere, the Mit Ko Yuan restaurant off the Democracy monument serves one of the best in Bangkok.

Som Tam

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Ask yourself this, “Can a salad change my life?” Yes, it can, especially if it’s an Isaan (northeastern Thailand) delicacy – the som tam or green papaya salad. Delectably pungent and spicy, get it at the Som Tam Jay So in downtown Bangkok.

Kai Jeaw Poo

Head down to Raan Jay Fai, a Michelin starred eatery famous for its goggle-wearing chef – Jay Fai – and its humongous kai jeaw poo (crab omelets). The succulent, generous chunks of sweet lump crab wrapped in a fluffy golden pillow of just one egg (!) are worth braving the lines for.

Mango Sticky Rice

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Time for dessert! The iconic khao neow mamuang is sold practically everywhere, but while in Bangkok, head to Kor Panich for sweet and juicy mangoes and sticky rice that is soft yet keeps its shape.

Kway Teo Roa

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Your Ayutthaya experience will not be complete if you don’t have a bowl or two of its boat noodles. This sweetened aromatic soup with cow or pig’s blood served from small canoes (hence the name) is a quick and filling lunch for many locals. 

Sai Oua

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Another Isaan favorite, these sausages are packed full of flavor from the bouquet of herbs mixed in. Freshly made and then grilled to perfection, it can be found across the country but the stalls at Ton Payom in Chiang Mai come highly recommended.

Hor Mok Talay

Hor mok talay or spicy fish mousse is mainly made up of fish, coconut milk, chili paste – all put together and then steamed or grilled in banana leaves. A must-eat while in Phuket! 

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