Can’t choose between ice cream and cocktails? Treat yourself with this cocktail turned ice cream

All kinds of foods are being turned into one form or another, but the latest addition to this food or drink transformation is Run Rabbit Run’s beloved cocktail – the Floppy Ears Cocktail. Now, you can enjoy RRR’s Floppy Ears as an ice cream. Perfect for the continuing summer heat in this country!

The ice cream transformation of this cocktail was done with the help of Merry Moo Ice Cream. Known for its classic and fun flavors, Merry Moo is adding this cocktail turned ice cream to their list of flavors for a limited time only. 

Merry Moo shared on their Instagram account how their partnership with Run Rabbit Run came to be: the founders of Merry Moo fell in love with Floppy Ears Cocktail when they ordered RRR’s cocktails to go. They loved it so much that they couldn’t help but reach out to RRR to transform the cocktail into an ice cream. 

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Also on Instagram, Run Rabbit Run shared the ingredients of the Floppy Ears ice cream. It has the ingredients of the exact cocktail itself and it’s incorporated nicely into Merry Moo’s ice cream recipe. 

While the ice cream is infused with gin, it only has a wee bit of it so don’t expect to get drunk on a pint of this!

The Floppy Ears Cocktail is P600 per pint and can be ordered from either Run Rabbit Run or Merry Moo Ice Cream’s website. 

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