Goldilocks Makes Birthdays More Special With New Cake Offerings

Goldilocks’ luscious chocolate and rainbow magic elevate every Pinoy handaan experience

As it is usually perceived, birthdays can only mean two things—you are one year older now and wiser, too. 

What better way to celebrate that feat than to inflate some balloons, light a candle, and just blow it on top of a nice cake. 

Goldilocks' luscious chocolate cake

While this once-in-a-year moment usually calls for a grand celebration, some people opt for a quiet gathering or better yet alone. Needless to say, those who want to spend it with less effort may get just as much fun with Goldilocks’ newest offers.

Local bakeshop Goldilocks has entered September with a wider selection of cakes, making the “most popular month for birthdays” even more special, festive, and fun. 

Goldilocks—famous for its cakes—has unveiled Luscious Chocolate and Rainbow Magic as part of its commitment to make Filipino birthday celebrations much more  exciting. 

Luscious chocolate 

Goldilocks' luscious chocolate cake

One of Goldilocks’ newest treats is a two-layered chocolate cake “filled and iced with velvety chocolate frosting.”  

Its intricate design is inviting enough to take a slice and indulge in “chocolate buttercream icing that’s mesmerizing as it is mouthwatering.” Just to add a little bit of texture is a sprinkle of chocolate chips on top of delicate flower patterns. 

Whether you eat it with friends or you spend a little mouse moment with yourself, its classic taste will make birthday celebrants go for another dig for as low as 450 Php. 

Rainbow magic 

Goldilocks calls this Php 590–worth of delight its “most colorful cake ever,” and such a claim is evident in all the vivid colors that pop out of its white frosting. 

True to its name, the interplay of colors on a round cake just makes it magical for celebrants regardless if  it’s a golden year or a seventh birthday we’re talking about. 

Goldilocks' rainbow magic cake

What’s more exciting is the fireworks of flavors inside—vanilla, strawberry, and ube that complement each other for that traditional Filipino handaan. While a three-flavored cake may look a little overboard, Rainbow Magic’s “creamy, dreamy texture” just neutralizes all the sweets away. 

Get Goldilocks online or through physical stores

Obviously, birthdays are meant to be celebrated regardless of how. And it just so happens that Goldilocks Philippines knows a bit more about it. Get your own dose of sweet on your special day through its physical stores, GrabFood, FoodPanda, or official website

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