Celebrate Weekend Fam Day With These Good Eats Around The Metro 

Level up your weekend bonding with these gastronomic delights!

Working your way through the week is a silent feat that usually calls for a weekend celebration—big or small, it does not matter. Some people pop liquor bottles as early as Friday night, some pamper themselves, while others hold it more intimately by eating out with their family.

True enough, a shared meal fosters a sense of togetherness; allowing members of the household to catch up, exchange stories, and laugh together. More so, familial experiences like this are bound more tightly when seated around good food. 

With that, FreebieMNL rounds up some good eats in the metro you can try while sharing bites with your loved ones.

Frankie’s Buffalo Wings 

good eats around the metro

Fried chicken is canon on every table, which goes to say that a box of hot wings from Frankie’s will surely make a good addition to the dinner that your mom cooked. Partner a wine or chug a beer with it; either way, Frankie’s chicken flavors are just too good to miss out. 

Bober Tea’s Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea

good eats around the metro
IMAGE: @boberteaph on Instagram

Staying out with siblings can sometimes get really rowdy, especially when punches and kicks are the love language. That being said, this cool pulped-induced Grapefruit Green Tea can pull up a breezy break before going for yet another round of banter with your brother. 

Paluto Nga Po’s Sizzling Sisig

image 113

For the drunk uncles and dads out there, the inuman session is not complete without a plate of sizzling sisig. After all, our fathers deserve a nice plate to go with his beer. Don’t worry, hypertension maintenance can follow.

Karate Kid

image 114

Thinking of eating something American and Japanese on a Sunday night? Karate Kid’s western and oriental fusion renders a wide selection for you to choose from; ranging from sushi to pasta and even burgers, buffalo wings, and teppanyaki. The only problem you might have is agreeing with your fam which one to order.

Congo Grille Barbecues

image 115

Local food takes the center of every Filipino household, there’s no argument in that. Barbecues, for one, is just too compelling to disregard. Such is also true for sinigang, kare-kare, caldereta, and other pinoy dishes we all came to love. And so if you crave something close to heart, Congo Grille got your back.

Wildflour Cafe’s Croissant


For the love of all things butter, FreebieMNL recommends the flaky croissants of Wildflour. An afternoon coffee or a midnight snack is best paired with this sweet treat, allowing movie nights and mouse moments to get more exciting down to the last crumb. 

Crispy Pork Knuckle


Get on with the ultimate cheat day of your life with this Holy Cow Sizzler’s signature. This guilty pleasure is no less than palatably decadent with either apple sauce or demi glaze—a true putok-batok experience for the whole family. 

Tempura Japanese Grill’s Ramen bowls and bento boxes

image 95
IMAGE: @tempurajapanesegrill on Instagram

Bento boxes and ramen bowls are one of the many savory delights  that come to mind when Asian cuisine is brought up. Their varying food combinations allow for one to go without guilt after a tiring work week. On top of that, there is always a spare piece  to share with a hungry family member. 

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Spending a whole week at work is less taxing with the thought that rest days are made with love for food and family. It goes without saying that you will always find yourself sitting at the table while munching good food with the good people. 

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