Goodbye, Green Apple: Lime Flavor Returns To Original Skittles Packs

A Skittles flavor is making a comeback!

When Skittles launched in 1979, the original pack contained five flavors: orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, and grape. But in 2013, the green-colored lime candies were replaced with something else: green apple.

Now, the company is bringing back the lime candies, and this time it won’t be for a limited time–they’re back for good.

“It’s no secret that Lime has been a hot topic for Skittles fans since we replaced them with Green Apple back in 2013. Green Apple has had a good run, but the fans have spoken and it’s time for Lime to return to the rainbow,” Mars Wrigley’s Senior Brand Manager Fernando Rodrigues said.

“What better way to bring better moments to our loyal fans, than with the return of the most asked about flavor? The joy of Lime can’t be denied anymore. It is back. This time for good,” he added.

In July, Skittles released their first-ever single-flavored pack, the “All Lime,” in response to fans’ requests to bring back the original candy flavor. “Buy them out and marketing might bring them back forever,” the brand posted on Instagram.

It looks like lime-loving fans won since the flavor is back forever! Are you team lime or team green apple?

Art Daniella Sison

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