Here are restaurant-worthy recipes you can try during lockdown

Here are restaurant-worthy recipes you can try during lockdown

Miss eating out? Well, while pandemic restrictions may hinder you from eating out, you can still eat restaurant-worthy dishes in the comforts of your home. In their cooking show, Solane Kitchen Moments, Pinoy chefs Boy Logro and Aileen Conde share a variety of easy-to-recreate recipes for everyone to try.

If you’re tired of eating fried food, you can try Logro’s Pinaisang Isda recipe. This recipe makes use of fresh ingredients you can find in the palengke near you. You might even have everything you need already.

Have picky eaters as kids? Well, Logro suggests you try your hand at making Omurice. It’s a fun way to make your children eat greens and proteins at the same time.   

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If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, Pastry Chef Aileen Conde has a couple of ideas that will be sure hits in your kitchen. The Frozen Mango Chiffon Cake is basically an upgrade of your usual mango float. Meanwhile, the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake is your favorite cheesecake taken to the next level or flavor. 

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Are you more of a cookie person? Well, Chef Conde also shared her Double Dutch cookie recipe. Conde developed this recipe especially for Solane Kitchen Moments, meaning they’re unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before. They’re so yummy your family will surely come back for more. 

Understandably so, a lot of people get intimidated by cooking desserts because they require very specific measurements, temperature, and time. That’s why like Conde and Logro, you should use gas stoves for better heat management and choose only Solane LPG for safe and secure kitchen sessions.

To learn more awesome recipes and other kitchen tips and tricks, simply watch Solane Kitchen Moments episodes on YouTube. You might just get inspired to try something new, or learn how to improve your home recipes.

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