Malaysian Bakery Jim’s Recipe Brings Its Famous Sponge Cakes To Manila

This bakery is known for its delectable pastries!

Filipinos love cake. They think it’s delicious. This is evident in the way they trot out a cake at every special occasion. It’s also evident in the way different sponge bars are available in supermarkets as snacks. Chocolate-filled, cream-filled, plain, and even ube-flavored ones fill the shelves.

It’s no wonder that when Jim’s Recipe landed in Manila, many immediately took to their sponge cake! The hype surrounding the brand in China, Malaysia, and Singapore was well-deserved.

Malaysian pride

Jim’s Recipe started in Malaysia under Chef Jim Wong. He has over two decades of patisserie experience under his belt. Their flagship product is their original sponge cake. It also comes in cheese and chocolate variants. With that in mind, the recipe must be top secret, right? Wrong! There are also no fancy requirements. It’s made with coconut oil, eggs, flour, fresh milk, and sugar.

The real secret lies in the way it’s made. Precision is key, and the eggs used are farm fresh every single day. It’s not uncommon for them to run out of sponge cakes and their other pastries well before closing time!

The sponge cake is an easy choice for a quick snack or a means of commemorating a special occasion, like a birthday!

Jim’s Recipe beyond the cake

On top of the signature sponge cakes, other delicious pastries are also available. Made with the same attention to detail, their menu includes a wide variety of flavors. You may want to try the Glaze bars, which come in cappuccino, matcha supreme, tiramisu, and more. There are also the sponge bars, which come in Oreo and Pork Floss.

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The store’s mascot Chogi with their sponge cake | Photo from Jim’s Recipe

The next time you want something light yet filling, Jim’s Recipe should be your go-to!

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Jim’s Recipe Philippines can be found at several SM malls, along Masangkay St. in Binondo, and more. For more information, visit their Facebook, Instagram, or official website.

Featured Image Daniella Sison


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