Join the plant-based movement with Harvest Gourmet

Join the plant-based movement with Harvest Gourmet
(Photo: Nestle Philippines)

Most people may be aware that adapting a plant-based diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, but did you know that it’s good for you gut as well? As per the University of Texas, a plant-based diet can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and reduce your risks for various diseases. 

Given how hard and expensive healthy food is in the country, you may be hesitant to join the movement, but guest what, foodies? There’s a new plant-based brand on the block. 

Nestle Philippines recently announced that it’s finally joining the plant-based meat alternatives market through its newly launched HARVEST GOURMET® brand.

Launched on World Vegan Day, Nestle Philippines is embracing how much the market has been growing an appetite for healthier and tastier plant-based foods. Through Harvest Gourmet, the company invites the country’s leading restaurants and hotels to join the plant-based movement.

For now, the offerings of Harvest Gourmet will be initially available in three gourmet formats: Sensational Burger, Schnitzel, and Chargrilled Pieces, in 2-kilogram institutional packs. Given how more people have become health-conscious, Harvest Gourmet arrived at the perfect time. 

What exactly will you be consuming through Harvest Gourmet, you may be wondering? Each product under the Harvest Gourmet range is made with non-GMO soy and wheat that promises taste, texture, and a cooking experience as close as possible to that of meat products. Nestlé also uses High Moisture Extrusion Technology to optimize the product performance in commercial kitchen equipment, ensuring that they deliver a gourmet-quality experience in terms of texture, appearance, aroma, and taste.

Wanna get your hands on some Harvest Gourmet products? Well, it’s now available at Nestlé Professional Philippines and on e-commerce partners Rare Food Shop and Prime Pacific Foods Corporation. You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to sample it. Think of it as trying a new gastronomical adventure. Bon appetit!

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