Love milk tea? This donut shop is reimagining the drink into a sweet dessert

Seeing as how we Filipinos are the second-highest milk tea drinkers in Southeast Asia, the milk tea craze is far from dying in the Philippines. There are numerous milk tea shops out there but if you’re looking for something a little different, a milk tea donut exists and it’s complete with chewy tapioca balls! 

The Milk Tea Donut from Bobba Donuts MNL looks similar to a crème brûlée because of its sugary torched shell exterior. Inside the donut is milk tea flavored cream filling and chewy tapioca balls. The overall combination results in a true to life and unique take on the classic bubble tea. A box contains 4 donuts and costs PHP 180.

Taguig-based donut shop, Bobba Donuts MNL, simply started with the classic Milk Tea Donut but now they have other donut choices on their menu – both of them featuring the classic tapioca balls as its filling.

The Ube and Parmigiano Bobba Donuts is the bakery’s take on the ube and cheese combination. This donut variation is topped with ube halaya glazed and Parmigiano cheese. Its filling includes ube cream and tapioca balls.

Their Milo Bobba Donuts, on the other hand, is perfect for chocolate lovers. This donut is topped with Milo powder while the inside is filled with Milo cream and boba pearls. Like the Ube and Parmigiano Bobba Donuts, a box of 4 of these costs PHP 220

To order, head on over to their Instagram or Facebook page and simply send them a message. 

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