McDonald’s China Installs Exercise Bikes That Charges Your Phone

McDonald’s China went viral after a video of a woman riding a stationary bike while dining circulated online. Contrary to what most people think, these exercise bikes are not for burning calories while eating fast food. The equipment is part of the company’s green initiative and functions as a phone charging station.

McDonald's China Installs Exercise Bikes That Charges Your Phone
Photo: McDonald’s China

The First Low-Carbon McDonald’s Store in China

In September, McDonald’s China announced the opening of a new location in Guangdong Province that’s low-carbon and eco-friendly. It’s one of the two outlets in China with innovative bike charging stations — the other is in Shanghai. This restaurant is the country’s first low-carbon store established with the Wanda Group.


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The fast-food chain has also formally applied for a Green Building Certification Committee for LEED ID+C Gold certification. Moreover, their Jieyang Wanda Plaza branch uses certified environmentally friendly materials and recycled furniture and décor.

Promoting a Green Lifestyle

McDonald’s China upholds the concept of “green growth” and “actively assumes corporate responsibility.” According to Liang Haijing, Chief Development Officer of McDonald’s China, the company works with authoritative and professional partners like the U.S. Green Building Council and Wanda Group to promote the development of greener spaces.

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Photo: McDonald’s China

The exercise bikes are made from recycled plastic and electricity is generated by peddling can subsequently be used to charge electronic devices. This provides an additional incentive to customers who need to break a sweat during the lunch breaks.

International customers hope the concept gets adapted in more stores since the original viral video has awed millions of viewers with this cool feature.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Philippines is following suit as they also opened a sustainable branch in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, last November. While it doesn’t have the exercise bikes featured in China, the McDonald’s Green & Good store does have a charging station for e-bikes, a bike-and-dine zone, and a green wall.

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