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The McSpicy Is Back…But Is It All Hype?

Check out this showdown of the best spicy chicken sandwiches!

Filipino fastfood fans were definitely delighted when news of McDonald’s beloved McSpicy making a comeback broke. Aside from the burger, there are also two other elements: McSpicy nuggets, and a McSpicy chicken and rice combo.

That said, let’s look at the top spicy chicken sandwiches out there:

The OG Chicken Burger from Fowlbread

B3, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City | Instagram | Facebook

Fowlbread has long made a name for itself with their sandwiches, and this OG chicken burger sandwich certainly played a big role in that. It comes with a deep-fried chicken skin slice (called Chicken Skin Cracker) that’s succulent, crispy and will satisfy even the most intense chicken sandwich cravings. To create that perfect balance, its chicken breast is tender and sizable, helping to form the ideal chicken sandwich.

US Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeye’s

Website | Instagram | Facebook

While this chain is known for Southern fried chicken, their spicy chicken burger is right up there. It’s got a sauce that compliments the homemade zing of Popeyes chicken. And it’s got brioche buns and a mayo that’s spicy garlic, alongside jalapeno slices! 

Screenshot 2022 09 27 at 2.17.38 PM
Image: Popeye’s Philippines official website

In a lot of ways, its charm lies equally in its kick as much as it does the warm, homecooked feel.


Nono’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Nono’s

Website | Instagram | Facebook

True to its slogan of “comfort food done right,” Nono’s changed up the game quite well with its chicken sandwich. The spicy version comes with a honey sriracha sauce that’s spicy-sweet. (Alternatively, there’s also a Homestyle variant.) It’s placed in an oatmeal bun and topped with fresh coleslaw.

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Image: Nono’s Facebook page

McSpicy from McDonald’s

Website | Instagram | Facebook

And now we get to the spicy chicken sandwich of the hour. Last September 22, the McSpicy made its return alongside Spicy McNuggets and the Spicy Chicken McDo. The latter is basically an upgraded, spicier take on their regular chicken McDo. For the burger in particular, people who’ve loved it since way back will find a comforting familiarity. It’s a fried, spiced chicken cutlet with mayo nestled between sesame buns. There’s even an added slice of fresh lettuce in the 2022 version.

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The McSpicy | Image: Indigo Pai

It’s juicy, somewhat crunchy despite being a fillet, and certainly tastes delicious! For someone looking for a full-on crispy chicken experience, it’s certainly a good start.

Featured Image: Daniella Sison

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