You can now buy White Rabbit Candy in milk form

With all the challenges that 2020 brought, we might go looking for reminders of better days. Food has always been a comfort, and one such sweet that s brimming with nostalgia is the White Rabbit Candy. 90s kids might remember this well. It’s a candy that is chewy, milky, and creamy. The outer layer of rice paper also adds a unique texture to the whole thing. 

While you can still get this in its original form in select Asia groceries, other variations of it have been popping up as well. First, there was the White Rabbit Ice Cream from Black Scoop Cafe, and now there’s the milk drink. Finally, you can get it in the Philippines. 

Since the White Rabbit Candy is already milky in flavor, it’s no surprise that there would be a milk drink version as well. The milk comes in a mini carton that is akin to a juice box you can sip on so this definitely checks all the boxes on your nostalgia trip. 

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You can get the White Rabbit Milk Drink at Go Grill Mart for PHP 75. They also have a White Rabbit Milk Tea for PHP 87. 

If you want to order online, you can head on over to Go Grill Mart’s website or Hong Kong House PH where it is priced at PHP 60. 

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