8 Inspiring Videos to Get You Through Those Tough Days

Life isn’t always perfect. Morale can drop. Motivation can disappear. Sadness can creep up. If you’re feeling down during troubling times, here are some videos you can watch to uplift yourself and your mood. Aside from making you feel better, these videos will also teach you a thing or two about life. 

How to Get Through this Crisis 

If you’re feeling a bit lost and unsure of how to deal with th COVOD-19 global pandemic, The School of Life released a video to help you survive this crisis emotionally. This video might be short, but it will give you comfort in this specific troubling time. 

Why Learning How To Do A Split Changed My Life

While this may not be your normal inspirational video, the girl’s progress and speech about learning how to do splits is uplifting. In essence, you can do a lot of things even though they seem impossible. 

The Best Way to Face Difficult Times

Life can be difficult, and as we go through this crisis together, it doesn’t hurt to be lighthearted. If you need help focusing on what’s good, then this video is for you.

The Story of my Life – From a Dream to Reality

Watching someone achieve their goals is sometimes the inspiration one needs to start on making their dreams a reality. Listen to what Jonna Jinton, a content creator, has to say about how she worked her way up in this video. 

Motivational Lizard 

Who knew a poorly drawn lizard can be so motivational? Click on this video for a quick pick-me-up because Motivational Lizard believes in you. 

This Video Has [X] Views 

A video whose title changes depending on the number of views, this isn’t your usual in-your-face inspirational video. The speaker, Tom Scott, talks about coding and how he made this happen. Stick around until the end for a pretty inspiring message about how the world can be a better place because of something you create. 

A Thing About Life 

This video doesn’t have any grand speeches, but it does have some inspiring scenes and lines from different movies. This will make you want to live life deliberately. 

The Importance of Sadness

Sometimes our current situation can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you just need to process your emotions and feel before everything gets better, and this video is just the affirmation you need on that front. 

Share these to your friends and family. We all can use a help or two sometimes.

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