5 norms and practices we should continue in a post-COVID society

There has been a huge shift in our daily lives since the pandemic. Some of the norms and practices that emerged from these uncertain times are things that we should consider carrying over to our post-pandemic lives if we have the chance to do so.

The Option to Work Remotely

Asking “Why weren’t we doing this all along?” is inevitable for those who worked from home without a hitch when ECQ started. Maximizing both work hours and personal time became easier because of the perks this setup comes with: no time lost to the commute, productivity boosts from working in a space we’re comfortable in, and schedule flexibility, among other things. For people whose jobs don’t require them to be onsite, working remotely is an option that should be available to them even after the pandemic. 

Transition to Cashless Payments

While digital payment methods aren’t something we just picked up in the pandemic, the need to avoid physical contact has made cashless transactions more of a necessity. But guess what? It also made people realize how easy it is to pay online and keep track of expenses on an app.

Supporting Small Businesses

People have been more motivated to support small businesses lately. This means shifting focus from the big commercial chains to small restaurants affected by the pandemic. It could also include new entrepreneurs (by choice or by force) looking for a source of income by selling handmade items and baked goods.This is a practice that is definitely worth keeping!

The Culture Surrounding Learning Something New

The quarantine has produced a positive culture with taking up hobbies and learning new skills. Home bakers, home gardeners, DIY kits — all posting on social media to share and ask questions. This supportive attitude towards ourselves and others when it comes to learning something new is always something we’re going to need. 

Being Politically Aware and Vocal

With the pandemic amplifying the existing systemic problems of our country, even those who have been silent about politics before have been speaking up. When the pandemic ends, one can only hope that this attitude continues. After all, we should be denouncing ignorance and injustice all the time, and not just when it comes to issues, like the pandemic, that affects us.


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