5 online businesses you can launch ASAP

Today’s circumstances brought many of us to channel our inner entrepreneur to make ends meet. From putting up online stores that offer a variety of items from perishable goods to furniture and equipment — the list goes on (thankfully!). Thanks to social media, promoting a business becomes an easy undertaking: one can market through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using links that can be shared by family and friends and even influencers you know.

For a small amount of capital, students and housewives can create an online business without the hassle of renting a space or hiring personnel.

The quarantine made everybody crave for all kinds of food and patronize new recipes to indulge on. It’s become an online hub for foodies and home-cooks sharing different food ideas to try, and coffee variants to make at midnight.

There are also resellers of potted plants, and clothes, not to mention services like writing and graphic design that are technically offering services and can be said to be a business.

Since life has gotten a little topsy-turvy the past months, we really have to pay attention to the stuff we have in our homes. Besides, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


Get into different food groups online and you will know how obsessed everyone is with cheese-filled pandesal–the best-seller being the ube flavor. Get all five basic ingredients, plus cheese or a pack of cream cheese that can be sweetened to your liking, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

Crinkle sandwiches are one of the top favorites mainly because of its cream cheese filling. There are matcha desserts to try too that home cook bakers can experiment with. All these would cost more or less PHP 1,000 plus shipping expenses. Not at all bad for those who want to practice their baking skills.

Thrift shop


Bring the ukay online. Almost everyone has their set of clothes and shoes they want to get rid of. Having them up for sale not only declutters space but also helps the environment of so much stuff like fabric and leather shoes.

Start by taking photos of each garment or attire in good lighting, maybe do minimal edits, and upload them to your page. It won’t take a dime to start this online business especially if there’s a closet full of clothes to unpack. A little creativity goes a long way!

Plant shop

Science has proven that surrounding yourself with greenery is a kind of therapy for the soul. Many are acquiring more indoor plants that vary from cacti to bonsai trees and other potted plants that can survive mainly in dim lighting. This is why picking up this business idea, specifically for plant lovers out there, is a major win for both parties. Set up pots where seedlings can grow and once they fully grow, you can now start creating an online page to market them.

plant selling

The crucial part however lies in the packaging and shipping of the plants. Cardboards can help to put the plant upright while in transit. Personal delivery is also an option or have the customer pick up the pots for convenience.


The concept of reselling is set to make trade easier for both manufacturers and customers. A reseller is, in essence, the middleman between the two. There’s no need to create products but there needs to have a wide selection of items to choose from.

reselling work

Go on different online shops–clothes, makeup, shoes or books, and select items that you wish to resell. Consider the courier fees plus packaging and then decide on the price of each product.

Professional Services

Sometimes, what you can’t produce materially can be offered through services. There are lots of need-based businesses without any monetary capital to rely on, and freelancing is one of them. All you need is a laptop and a creative mind. Put your CV up for viewing and wait for clients to contact you. It’s helpful to join different online pages to advertise your services.

freelancing work

This usually takes a day before someone contacts for sample works or a one-on-one nterview.

These are a few suggestions to commence with a startup that’s profitable as well as productive during this time.


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