5 Condo Life Hacks You Need to Know

The main key to maintaining a clean condo unit is all about habit and routine — from how frequently you should do chores to where you keep your tools stored. This may be easier said than done, so here are five condo life hacks you need to know: 

Wash all covers regularly

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Image From Volha Flaxeco

If you’re a busy person, you might think that your covers wouldn’t be that dirty as they’re only really used throughout the night. However, whether or not you’re at home all day or just during specific hours, dust particles and other impurities can still accumulate. If not washed regularly, this can cause health problems such as skin and viral infections.

Set a cleaning pattern

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If you clean randomly, you might end up having an incomplete cleaning day — some areas in your condo were not tended to and others might have been done half-heartedly. Setting a customized logical pattern will not only improve attention to detail, but it will also keep you motivated to finish the steps you’ve created. 

Store all cleaning materials in one area

To practice efficiency, store all your tools in one area — hamper, basket, drawer, cabinet, and the like. This makes for a faster way of cleaning as it saves you time from running around the condo to look for the materials you need for each area. Plus, this will even save you some space!

Schedule an official cleaning day

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Image From Deborah Cortelazzi

Setting up a specific date every week will make instilling habit much easier. Especially for busy people who are always out of the house, it’s useful to set aside a day for cleaning to stay on top of all the dust collecting in your condo. 

Clean as you go

This might sound like a no-brainer but it’s a practice not a lot of people do. When you notice your shoes aren’t on the shoe rack, put them inside. When you see the dishes haven’t been washed yet, wash them. This will both save you time and improve your habits!

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