6 Things You Should Consider When Cutting Your Own Hair

With salons and barbershops temporarily closed since the community quarantine has started, chances are, you’re feeling a bit shaggy. With your unkempt hair and frustration of not being able to go out, we’re sure you are getting tempted to cut your hair. But before you take matters into your own hands, here are the things you should consider.

Your knowledge about haircut

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If this is your first time doing your haircut, might as well check out online sources for some handy tips on cutting and styling. The internet has a plethora of resources you can use to make sure you don’t screw your haircut.

Your hair condition

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Give yourself a thorough examination of your hair condition to know how much you need to cut and which areas need more attention. 

Your hair texture

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Just as you examine how much trim you need, you should also consider your hair texture to know if you need to cut your hair dry or wet. If you have curly or wavy hair, snip your hai when it’s dry so you’ll get a better idea of the final look. If you have straight hair, you should cut it while it’s wet or dampen it with a spray bottle first. 

Your available tools

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You can’t just grab a set of scissors out of your drawer and start cutting your hair. Invest in a pair of styling shears or razors that are designed for the task. You can order online or go to the nearest grooming store you can find. Don’t ever use a pair of kitchen or regular scissors you see at home. 

Your room lighting

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Do your cutting session in a well-lit room to avoid accidents and hair mishaps. Make sure that you can move freely and immediately wash off your hair and body after your haircut.

Your mirror setup

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In cutting your hair, consider having a dual mirror set up to check the back of your head. If that’s not possible, equip yourself with a handheld mirror. There’s nothing more frustrating than not seeing what you’re doing.

In the end, remember that this is just hair. Even if we mess up, it’ll grow soon and we will be able to give ourselves a well-deserved salon treatment after all these.


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