Basic acronym slangs every old-timer should know about

Basic acronym slangs every old-timer should know about

Do you find yourself scratching your head or clandestinely searching acronym slang more often? Well, it can be challenging to keep up with the kids these days. Now, there’s more to slang than LOL (or laughing out loud) or ASL (age, sex, location).

While Internet slang evolves with every generation, it doesn’t hurt to catch up on the basics. As per, here are some terms you should know about:

  1. AFAIK – As far as I know. This is something you use when you’re about to express an opinion on a certain topic. This may or may not be true. That’s why there’s a disclaimer.
  1. ASL –  As hell. This is not literal hell. It’s just something people use to emphasize something, like ‘hot ASL’ or ‘angry ASL.’
  1. FR – For real. Yes, this doesn’t just mean ‘from’ anymore. This term emphasizes that your prior statement is true. 
  1. FWIW – For what it’s worth. This is a disclaimer you can say when you’re about to say something that’s not necessarily useful. 
  1. HMU – Hit me up. This is basically a social invitation, meaning a way for you to invite someone to text or message you.
  1. IG – I guess. This is often confused with a shortened name of Instagram. You use this when you’re in agreement with what another person just said. 
  1. IMO – In my opinion. Some people use ‘IMHO,’ which means ‘in my honest opinion.’ This is used when someone’s about to state one’s opinion. In turn, the recipient is expected to take it with a grain of salt. 
  1. SKL – Share ko lang. As you can probably guess, this is usually used by Pinoys. This can be used when you’re about to share unsolicited advice or a very personal story. 
  1. SLR – Sorry, late reply. Nope, this doesn’t stand for just a single-lens reflex camera. Now, the kids use it so they can apologize for replying to a text or message late. 
  1. SMH – Shake my head. People use this when they’re disappointed or in disbelief because of something stupid. 

Yeah, it can be challenging to keep up with the kids these days, but every generation has their own trends and slang, right? By brushing up on the basics, at least you won’t be confused all the time. 


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