How Often You Should Clean These Things In Your Household

Honestly, there is no real rulebook on when exactly to clean what. Everyone runs their house their own way, so these tips may be arbitrary.

Take note however, that there is a limit to how long some things should go unclean. Let’s take a look at the recommended amount of times you should clean these household items and rooms.

Kitchen & kitchen appliances

The kitchen is arguably one of the dirtiest places in the house — simply because we use it everyday! Homemakers definitely have to wipe down countertops and sinks, sweep the floor, and take out the trash every day. The kitchen is the area where you eat and make food, so dirty floors and countertops with crumbs can invite unwanted pests.

How Often You Should Clean These Things In Your Household
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For kitchen appliances, it depends. Microwaves can be cleaned every week, while air fryers should be cleaned after every use. Dishwashers, ovens, and other bigger appliances can be cleaned once a month. Rule of thumb, if it looks dirty, it’s better to clean it!


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Now this depends on how messy you get, but a good regular cleaning schedule for fridges would be once a month. You can coincide the cleaning schedule with your grocery runs to make sure you rearrange food that’s about to expire, or throw out food that’s already gone bad. Make sure to wipe down the surfaces of your fridge to keep all your food clean and odor-free.


Thankfully, bedrooms don’t need that much maintenance. Vacuum them once a week and declutter every now and then. Sheets can be changed out and washed every week or two to get rid of all the excess bacteria, oils, and dead skin (it’s nasty, but it’s true). Dust, sweep, and mop once a week as well.

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And, while not everyone does this, mattresses should ideally be deep cleaned once or twice a year.

Living room

The living room is where you probably spend most of your time, which means it’s your job to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape. Most people should vacuum every week, but those with especially furry pets should do so once or twice a day. You should also mop your floors once a week.

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For throw pillows, you can wash them every month or so. As for actual sofas, you should get them deep cleaned about once a year.


Bathrooms can get really nasty if you’re not on top of your cleaning schedule. Not only are molds pretty gross, but they can also be dangerous to our health. Avoid the dirt and molds by scrubbing down your bathroom and disinfecting your toilet at least once a week.

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Make sure you also change out your towel after every 3-5 uses (they’re a breeding ground for bacteria!) and your bath mats every week. You can switch out your shower curtain every month.

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Running a household may seem like a lot of work, but it’s all worth it when you take a look around your sparkling floors and get to sit down on your fresh, clean sheets at the end of the day.

It’s also good to remember that natural cleaners are best for you and the family, so don’t forget to check out how you can make your own homemade, all-natural cleaners as well!


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