How to Make Your Candles Last Longer

Some people turn to their plants when they need to feel grounded, then others light a scented candle to put them at ease. And just like potted plants, candles need care, too, for them to last longer and retain their scent. They’re not cheap, either, so you’ll want to follow these tips and tricks so that you aren’t just burning money.

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Trimming the Wick

Snipping off the tip of your candle before lighting it is ideal so that wax can melt evenly. This prevents the wick from “mushrooming”, which is when a black cap forms at the tip of your wick. Not only do they create extra soot that fogs up your container, but it’s also an indicator that there’s an excess buildup of wax on the wick to be burned. You can purchase a stainless-steel wick trimmer online, but regular scissors work as well.

Burning Time

As heavenly as the scent is from your candles, there’s a limit to how long you can keep it lit. Let it burn until an even layer of wax has melted on the top, which usually takes 2 to 4 hours. What happens when you burn the candle for shorter periods? The wax at the center burns down but the sides remain solid causing a “tunnel”. If you’re in this situation, do the hairdryer hack or Tin Foil Method as suggested by Osmology.  

Snuffing the Flame

Although a lot of people just blow out their candles, this isn’t the best way to put out the flame because wax could potentially fly everywhere. Not everyone has a candle snuffer, but another tried method is tipping the wick into the wax. This extinguishes the flame without causing smoke, but some aren’t comfortable getting that close to the fire. You could also suffocate the flame by putting on the lid that came with your candle so don’t throw them out.

Candles are a great way to create an ambient mood at home. No matter what scent you prefer, it’s helpful to know how to make them last longer and keep them fragrant.


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