Learn how to invest and save money with the help of these YouTubers

To become financially literate, we must consume content that will help us learn more about saving, investing, and even banking. If you’re the type who prefers not to read books or long articles, then YouTube is a wonderful and engaging alternative. 

We’ve already tackled how to start saving money, so for a more in-depth look into saving and investing, here are five Filipino YouTubers to watch and subscribe to! 


MoneyGrowersPH’s goal is to educate Filipinos on how they can achieve their financial goals by trading stocks. If you want an in-depth look at how to trade and profit from the stock market, then this channel is for you. 

Nicole Alba 

From different types of investments to money-saving tips, Nicole Alba gives an overview on almost everything money-related. Since most of her videos are for beginners, her YouTube channel is the perfect starting point to your road to financial literacy. Her Gen Z energy also makes her videos relatable and entertaining for students and young professionals. 

Ready2Adult PH 

Ready2Adult PH is another YouTube channel that will help you start investing and saving. Aside from personal finance, you’ll also learn a bit of entrepreneurship and adulting from Charm’s videos. Her channel is perfect for young professionals looking to set or achieve their financial goals. 

Thea Sy Bautista 

Thea Sy Bautista has a series on her YouTube channel called Tita Talks, which is basically Adulting 101. While she tackles numerous topics in the realm of ‘adulting’, she also has a lot of videos on personal finance. Her videos feel like a casual chat with a friend, so you’ll enjoy learning from her. 

Marvin Germo

Stock market trader Marvin Germo shares what he knows about personal finance and investing in his YouTube channel. He has authored five books on investing so you’ll learn a lot from his videos. He has also inspired a lot of people through his lectures so to be able to learn from him for free on YouTube is amazing. 

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

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