FreebieMNL - Planning to Go Solo? Here’s What You Need to Know About Living Alone

Planning to Go Solo? Here’s What You Need to Know About Living Alone

It’s everyone’s dream to live in a quaint little apartment of their own, watering their dozen plants everyday while petting their cute cat or small dog.

Not to shatter your image, but living alone entails a lot more than that. Hard work and dedication to the life you want to live are definitely the cornerstones of moving out!

If you want to know what it takes to set up shop by yourself, come take a look at what we have to say.

Budget, budget, budget!

Planning to Go Solo? Here’s What You Need to Know About Living Alone
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Let’s jump into reality first. Living alone is more than just an aesthetic — it’s a lot of money! If you’re trying to fly solo, you better compute your budget and expenses first. Finding the apartment is only the first step. You’ve got to think about groceries, rent, car payments, subscriptions, phone bills, and emergency funds and soooo much more. We hate to say it, but you won’t survive the solo life without a strong budget.

Get used to the housework

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Your parents won’t be around anymore to help out with housework and immediate concerns. Living alone means you’ve got to be on top of your own cleanliness, otherwise you’ll find yourself knee-deep in last week’s laundry with a pile of stinky dishes in the sink.

Learn how to fix things

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You’ll find that in a house, apartment, or condo, things break pretty often. Whether it be the flush on the toilet or the pipe under the sink, it just happens. It sucks but this is where real adulthood kicks in. But have no fear, a quick search on Youtube is mostly what you need to fix common household hiccups. Not only will you learn, but you’ll also save money (though don’t Youtube things you know you can’t handle).

Invest in your space

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When you’re alone, you get to make all the decisions! And one of the best decisions you can make is designing your own space. Don’t be afraid to personalize your apartment and buy things that reflect who you are. It can be expensive and time-consuming, but waking up everyday in a home that feels like yours can do wonders for your mental health.

Also invest in your relationships

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Honestly, it can get really lonely out there. Without a good support system, it becomes easy to fall into a state of disconnect. That’s why you should definitely maintain your friendships, adopt a pet, and/or call your parents every week. We need these relationships more than we think!

Embrace the peace

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Most people want to live alone exactly for peace and quiet. Find it in yourself to embrace those rare moments of calm and just wholeheartedly enjoy your own company. Living alone comes with a lot of hassle, but it returns with a type of peace you can’t get anywhere else.


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