The 1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine

People are bound to be more productive when they have structure in their day. Just look at the habits of successful tycoons like the late Steve Jobs or Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary. If you’ve been slacking off lately, you might want to try out the 1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine.

Wake Up Early

Waking up at noon is a wasted opportunity to get more things done. You don’t necessarily need to get up at the crack of dawn, but it does help to be up at an earlier time.

Recollect Dreams

Instead of scrolling through your phone as soon as you wake up, try to remember what happened in your dreams. AXR Writes explains that this helps discern what your subconscious focuses on throughout the day.

Make Your Bed

It’s a simple task most people skip, but making your bed instills discipline. Seeing a neat bed at the end of a productive day is a bonus.   

Drink Water

Before getting your usual caffeinated beverage, rehydrate yourself with a tall glass of water. This would also be the time to take your supplements and probiotics.


Spend 20 minutes doing breathing exercises or practicing mindfulness. Having mental clarity at the start of the day preps you for the tasks you’ll be facing later on.

Get Moving

After meditation, get your heart rate up with a quick two-minute exercise. Warming your body up will surely wake you up if you’re still feeling groggy.

Cold Showers

The chilly temperature will get you in and out of the shower real quick. AXR states the benefits of this include “resetting your nervous system and reducing inflammation.”

Get Ready

Straight out of the shower, follow through with your usual routine of brushing your teeth and getting dressed for the day.


Journaling in the morning starts your day on a better note because you get to clear your mind, process your emotions, and get your creative juices flowing.

To-do List

Writing down three things you want to achieve that are work-related and three personal things is what’s recommended. Every item on the list doesn’t have to be major.

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To-feel List

Noting how you want to feel throughout the day puts you in a better mood. You can write about wanting to feel grateful, loved, content, etc.

To-be List

Each person has a different role in other people’s lives. Ask yourself who do you want to be today, whether it’s a good friend, partner, parent, etc.


Of all the things on the light, reading for 20-30 minutes is a top priority, according to ARX. Brain training is great before officially starting your day.

The list may be long, but you don’t need to follow it to the T. Simply adopting some of these habits can set you up for productivity.

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