FreebieMNL - Tips for Maintaining a Shiny and Healthy Coat for Your Dog

Tips for Maintaining a Shiny and Healthy Coat for Your Dog

Your dog’s coat is a good sign of whether or not he’s healthy; if you fail to take care of it properly, it can unfortunately lead to parasites and disease. And while it seems easy, achieving long, shiny, and glistening fur for dogs takes a bit more work.

Avoid the hassle of an itchy companion and check out our tips for maintaining a nice, healthy coat for your dog.

It’s all in the diet

Believe it or not, your dog’s coat health depends mostly on the food he eats. Dull coats happen when your pet is eating poor quality food that doesn’t provide them with enough nutrients.

Tips for Maintaining a Shiny and Healthy Coat for Your Dog
Photo from Healthline

Our suggestion? Switch to food that has fewer preservatives and is more nutrient and vitamin-rich. Non-grain food is also a must; owners who have dogs with skin allergies know that corn, wheat, soy, and the like can cause a serious itch. However, you should still discuss with your vet to get the best options.

Invest in supplements

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can do wonders for your dog’s coat! Omega-3 is a well-known anti-inflammatory, while omega-6 can save your pooch from dry skin and irritation.

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For pets that couldn’t be bothered to swallow pills, you can also add flaxseed and sunflower oil directly to their food. Do this in moderation though, as too much can upset your dog’s stomach.

Brush, brush, brush

Many owners underestimate the power of a good brushing session. For starters, brushing can help you check for ticks and other parasites that can stay hidden deep in your dog’s fur.  The action also removes dead skin, tangles, and loose hair, allowing for more oxygen to reach your dog’s skin.

FreebieMNL - Tips for Maintaining a Shiny and Healthy Coat for Your Dog
Photo from Martha Stewart

Lastly, brushing your furry pal stimulates hair follicles and increases the natural production of skin oils, which can mean a shinier, glossier coat.

Get the right shampoos and oils

If you’re looking for shampoo that caters specifically to your pet’s coat health, your best bet probably lies in oatmeal shampoo. Oatmeal is naturally soothing and moisturizing, which can help your dog feel less irritated.

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Contrary to popular belief, bathing your dog every week is not the answer for “cleaner” fur. This can actually dry out their skin and strip their coat of its natural oils. Instead, try rubbing a bit of coconut oil into your dog’s coat to improve its shine and moisturize their skin.


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