Header image featuring two 3D paintings at Art In Island: waterfalls and ancient ruins.

Art In Island: Instagrammable Fun For The Whole Family

This place is not your traditional art museum. The paintings are in 3D!

Have you ever wanted to be part of an artwork? Art In Island allows you to do exactly that! It’s one of the biggest 3D art museums in Asia at 3,800 square meters.

There are about 200 masterpieces in this two-story structure. Over a dozen 3D artists from Korea did all the art.

Optical illusions at Art In Island

Aside from the 3D paintings, there are also installations. Art In Island encourages visitors to become part of the art. They can do that by sitting or standing in certain spots. There’s something for everyone here!

A Mermaid Tail

Art In Island has a piece of 3D art where you can pretend to be a mermaid.
Live your childhood dreams of being Under The Sea and Part of (Ariel’s) World! | Photo by Maddie Art

Angel Wings

Art In Island has a piece of 3D art where you can pretend to be an angel.
Earn your angel wings! | Photo by Maddie Art

Gondola Ride (a famous activity in Venice)

Art In Island has a piece of 3D art where you can pretend to be in Venice.
Transport yourself and a friend to the Venice Canal in this gondola! | Photo by Indigo Pai

The Trevi Fountain (a renowned Roman spot)

Art In Island has a piece of 3D art where you can pretend to be in Rome.
Make a wish at The Trevi fountain of Rome! | Photo by Indigo Pai

Hiwaga ng Pilipinas at Art In Island

A special set of rooms features an installation best described as magical. Hiwaga ng Pilipinas is a showcase of black light art. Iconic locations like the Mayon Volcano and more glow against a dark background.

A Butterfly

See a butterfly in black light.
Get up close and personal with a butterfly! | Photo by Indigo Pai

The Sarimanok

See the Sarimanok in black light.
Did you know the Sarimanok and Ibong Adarna aren’t the same? | Photo by Indigo Pai

Tips for explorers

Before you go to Art In Island, make sure you’ve got a pair of socks! If you don’t, it’s OK. You can buy non-slip socks for a fee. You can take as many photos as you want, but don’t use your flash. Since you don’t have to check in your bags, you can bring extra props or clothes!

If you come across artwork or installations that are confusing, don’t worry! There are collages and photo stickers at each spot meant to give visitors ideas on how and where to pose. Don’t feel bound to follow the examples, though. The best part of going to this cool museum is being able to exercise your creativity!

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Art In Island is located at 15th Avenue, Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City. The entrance fee is P500, with an additional P200 fee for Hiwaga ng Pilipinas. Discounts are available for students, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and senior citizens. Guests must be masked and vaccinated.


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