Award-Winning Filipino Films That You Need to Watch on IFlix

The Metro Manila Film Festival has ended, bringing back international movies to our cinemas. However, supporting local films shouldn’t stop there.

Good thing IFlix has a selection of Filipino movies – some of them with awards under their belt!

Not sure where to start? Here are some award-winning Filipino films that you can watch on IFlix now!

Never Not Love You


This JaDine movie is said to be the ex-lovers’ best, and its realistic portrayal of love certainly deserves a standing ovation. Despite the angst that this film delivers due to the couple’s trials and hardships, one cannot help but appreciate its gorgeous cinematography. 

Nadine Lustre’s performance here won her the Gawad Urian award for Best Actress. 

Citizen Jake 


Citizen Jake tells the story of a journalist who is thrown into an investigation to try and solve the murder of a student at the university he teaches at. Aside from being a whodunit, the movie is a criticism of the country’s government and an exploration of a dysfunctional political family.

This movie won five awards in the 35th PMPC Star Awards for Movies alone! 

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa


Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa is an indie romantic film that doesn’t romanticize the relationship of the two main characters. Instead, it tries to make their relationship feel real and natural – unlike some of the romance films out there with unrealistic grand gestures and whatnot. 

This indie film won Best Sound at the World Premieres Film Festival. 

Muro Ami 


Muro Ami, or reef hunters in English, is a movie that depicts the life of children who are thrown into the job of illegal fishing. Released in 1999, Muro Ami does not only highlight the reality of child exploitation, but also the sea voyage of its characters. 

In 1999, Muro Ami won 13 awards at the Metro Manila Film Festival!



Magnifico is a drama film that tells the story of a boy who spreads love and joy to the characters he encounters – resulting in changing their lives for the better. This heartwarming film will bring a smile to your face and maybe even tears to your eyes. 

Magnifico won the FAMAS Award for Best Child Actor and Best Picture.

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