CITEM’s KATHA Awards Opens Submissions For Trophy-Making Competition

Join Tropeo Katha and be part of Philippine design history

The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) calls for local talents to participate in this year’s trophy-making contest, putting Filipino craftsmanship at the forefront of this year’s KATHA Awards.

CITEM, the Department of Trade and Industry’s promotion arm, has officially opened the submissions for Tropeo Katha—a trophy design competition that aims to reimagine KATHA Awards’ symbolic trophy for its inaugural celebration of artistic excellence.

The contest is anchored on CITEM’s vision of promoting Filipino artistry, as it also marks an important era of design under Dr. Edward Fereira’s lead. 

The submission has already started on August 1 and is set to end at 5:00 p.m. of August 31. 

The winning trophy 

CITEM Katha Awards
IMAGE: citemph on Instagram

CITEM is currently looking for a standout design that encompasses the criteria: design excellence and aesthetic appeal, creativity and innovation, and sustainability and functionality. .

Design excellence and aesthetic appeal make up 35% of the criteria—a huge chunk that inspects the visual impact, design cohesion, and presentation of the trophies. 

Creativity and innovation also take 35% by which trophies are judged according to ingenuity. This particular criterion begs the design to be of quality, resourcefulness, and  at the same time, must bring about “novel ideas and approaches.” 

Making up the remaining 30% are sustainability and functionality—which means designs must not only cater to aesthetics but are also potentially practical when it comes to manufacturing. 

And ultimately, the winning design must uphold sustainable efforts—one that uses ecologically sustainable materials and made through ecologically friendly processes. 

Tropeo Katha’s incentives for the winner 

From all the entries, the judging panel will confer on September 4, 2023, and will cast five finalists—all of whom will be given a certificate and will be featured on the agency’s social media platforms and channels. 

As announced, CITEM will award the winning designer monetary incentives of P30,000 and a certificate. It comes on top of the promotion and marketing support that the agency will provide through its platforms, channels, and partner publications. 

The winning design, on the other hand, will be manufactured into an actual trophy and will be used as the hallmark of Filipino’s artistic excellence for the Manila FAME 2023 KATHA Awards.

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