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DIY Gift Ideas That are Perfect for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, so thinking of a gift for your mom is probably already on your mind if you haven’t gotten one yet. If that’s the case, take a break from all the window shopping you’re doing on online stores and consider getting your mom something you made yourself! 

Here are just a few DIY gift ideas you can try out:


Does your mom love making her space more homey and cozy? Does she love decorating and getting things that will add character to the home? Then candles are the way to go. Making your own candles allows you to choose the designs, colors, and scents that fit your mom’s taste the best. You can even make them using old containers (like bowls and jars) that you don’t use but still look charming if your mom likes repurposing items into decor. 

Here are just one of the many beginner-friendly tutorials out there on candle-making:

Personalized Pots

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So many people have gotten into gardening this quarantine. So, if your mom is a proud plantita, this is perfect for her. You can either buy cheap and plain pots or start with old household items that can be upcycled into pots. Then, decorate the pot to your heart’s desire! What aesthetics does your mom love? Is there a particular color motif or theme to how she displays her plants? And if you’re feeling stuck, you can always turn to guides for cool decorating ideas for pots.

Recreate Old Photos

DIY Gift Ideas That are Perfect for Mother's Day
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If your mom is the type who loves going on memory lane, then this is a fun one to try. Find a bunch of photos of yourself with other family members (particularly your brothers and sisters if you have siblings!) and recreate it. You can have the photos framed or if you can recreate several pictures, you can even make a whole album or scrapbook out of them with little notes and anecdotes to make it an even more heartwarming present.

Silhouette Portraits

DIY silhouette portraits are a great idea if you want to give your mom personal art but don’t necessarily know how to go about making a more detailed piece. This minimalist alternative is simple enough to do. Choose reference pictures with a distinct outline of someone or something she loves and whose silhouette she’ll instantly recognize (like family members, pets, or even favorite characters) and get to work! You can find a detailed tutorial here.

Make Her a Video Greeting from Loved Ones

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If your talents lie in video editing, this is a great way to remind her how loved and important she is. Ask family members and friends of your mom to send in videos of themselves greeting her and talking about what they love about her. For maximum effect, include snippets of old home videos and photos as well! 

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