If Your Country Is Going To The Dogs, Try Moving To One Of These Places

There’s always a country to turn to when you want out.

Moving to a foreign country isn’t easy. But when things in your neck of the woods are topsy-turvy, you may want to consider it. Especially if you’re not optimistic about the Philippines’ future under the next administration.

Become a Canuck

Canada offers several options on how to be a citizen or permanent resident. You can go there as a student or worker. You can also ask a relative who’s already a resident to sponsor you. There’s also a nifty program you can try called Express Entry.

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The cost of living in Canada is relative to where you’ll be staying. It’s quite expensive, but don’t let that discourage you. You’ll earn more there, which means you can afford it.

Keep up with the Kiwis

New Zealand has free education and great healthcare, and the cost of living is reasonable. There are also many opportunities for skilled workers there. For example, if you can milk a cow, you can earn up to three times the amount you made in your home country.

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You can apply for permanent residency in as little as under two years. What’s more, when you apply for a visa, you’ll get yours and your family’s at the same time.

A ‘daebak’ foreign country

If you love Korean culture, this is your chance to rub elbows with as many oppas as possible. It’s very easy to apply for a South Korean visa. You may get yours in as fast as six months.

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SoKor has affordable healthcare and education, and the language is easy to learn. The cost of living isn’t that high as well. If you’re good at English, applying to be a teacher is the easiest way to get in.

A foreign country with ‘buena onda’

Mexico is a great place. There are lots of beautiful beaches, and the weather is mild. You’ll be getting equal parts rain and shine. Also, the cost of living is so low that you can save up enough money to move elsewhere.

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It’s easy to immigrate, but you’d have to apply for temporary status first and have tons of show money.

Party in the USA

If you’ve got family in the USA, you’ll have a place to stay while you get settled. If you have a marketable job skill, you’re good to go. Applying for a visa can take up to a year, but it’s worth the wait.

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The cost of living is quite expensive, but if you’ve got a good job, you’ll be fine. Or you can marry a US citizen! If you can’t find an American man (or woman), read this guide. It has tips on moving to the USA.

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Some people may scoff at you for wanting to leave, but you have the right to do so. Make sure to save up first, as you’ll need money to survive in a foreign country.

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