Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Insured for FREE with Insular Life

Life comes in so many unexpected ways, so they say. While the saying might sound like a broken record to most of us, it never sounded any truer especially during this pandemic. But fret not, we’re here to help you out! 

Seeing the many different challenges billions of people around the world are facing right now, we can definitely say preparedness is key to overcoming all of them. Indeed, no one saw this coming, but at the end of the day, you hold the key to prevent yourself from going under the drain. 

Here are some benefits of getting insured: 

You Get To Reward Yourself

Worse comes to worst, you would need to get some extra cash for emergency situations. And hospital bills are a big challenge. Not unless you have an insurance. Whatever money you have at a given moment, that’s yours and yours alone. Go enjoy your hard-earned money. 

Your Savings Won’t Go Touched

You may have saved money for your dream house. Now, why would you want to spend it all of a sudden simply because you don’t have money to pay for a hospital bill? Well, not if you are insured. Let no one disrupt your future plans.

You Get To Sleep Worry-Free

Nothing beats the feeling of getting a good night’s sleep. If you know you are insured, you won’t have trouble sleeping at night thinking what tomorrow might suddenly bring. 

You Get To Protect Your Family

The reality is, you’ll eventually have to leave your family behind. While it’s a sad truth about life, knowing you get to financially protect them even if you are no longer around might be the best feeling in the world. 

You Get To Snag It For FREE

Well, exclusively at InLife, that is. With InLife, there are just so many ways to get secured in life. And the best part is it’s free! 

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In celebration with InLife’s 110th anniversary, 110,000 eligible individuals can get a FREE health life coverage for accidents be it COVID-19 or not. P50,000 is also given by the time of their death (COVID-19 related or not). Plus, a 500-peso allowance for 10 days awaits your family members!

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Secure your future and enjoy financial freedom with InLife!


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