Here’s how successful entrepreneurs made opportunities amid the pandemic

Here’s how successful entrepreneurs made opportunities amid the pandemic
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In order to make ends meet, a lot of people opened their own small businesses amid the pandemic. While it’s easy to start one, the challenge is maintaining it and achieving the goals you’ve set once you set everything up.

According to the World Economic Forum, small businesses are responsible for employing nearly half of the private sector workforce. However, these volatile times have made it difficult for small businesses to stay afloat. 

It’s inevitable for every business to have its problems, but there are ways for entrepreneurs to fortify themselves. Entrepreneur Magazine shared valuable lessons from business owners around the globe on creating new opportunities during unprecedented times:

Put your mental well-being first. According to Lea Peters, an award-winning, certified nutritionist and fitness expert,  an opportunity is exponentially created when entrepreneurs understand that business success and personal wellness go hand in hand. Your consistency in your wellness routine is just as important as your professional work.

Go beyond your past limiting beliefs. The co-founder of The Coaching Masters, Liam James Collins, said that our greatest opportunities lie just beyond our limiting beliefs. This means it’s important to overcome the negative thoughts in your head so they won’t hinder your success as you pursue your goals and dreams. 

Contemplate on opportunities deeply before making decisions. Mental acuity coach, and Angel Investor and Inventor Ryan Kalish shared that for him, it is important that you be open to learning from others and that you don’t have a ‘know-it-all’ attitude. He lives by the mantra, “when you start to feel like you know everything, you lose the opportunity for growth.”

Find the opportunity amid the uncertainty. The owner of the luxury sneaker brand Giovanni, Chris Jenkins, explained that grit and being relentless in the pursuit of your goals are essential. You mustn’t let your failures break you down. You need to have an unbreakable belief in yourself. 

Your belief system affects your opportunities. As per Lourissa Setu, a 6-figure affiliate marketer and coach from New Zealand, if you don’t feel that you’re worthy of the things you want to create along your journey, it will be hard for you to bring them into reality. That’s why it’s important that you believe in yourself. 

These entrepreneurs are proof that amid uncertainty, it is possible for you not just to survive, but to break through and become successful. It might just be worth your time to take their advice to heart for your own business to grow. Always remember that the road may be tough, but so are you.


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