How Tarot Cards Helped My Mental Health

Has magic truly healed my thoughts? 

As a person who likes to be self-aware and sure of things, my thoughts go astray. With the pandemic in place, I am stuck at home with my ideas…and my cats, who are no help, mind you. 

I tend to overthink and overanalyze situations. With my brain being all over the place, I have trouble keeping my life straight, considering so many factors and circumstances that I can and can’t control; it’s a mess. 

But not long ago, I was gifted a deck of tarot cards from a dear friend. Since then, ever since learning them, my life hasn’t been the same. I felt more drawn to myself, more at the moment… 

Grounded, It helped me stay grounded

I felt grounded. 

I felt that my thoughts weren’t up in the clouds doing God-knows-what because the cards fixed my thoughts on what I was supposed to be considering: my inner feelings. 

People think tarot cards are about seeing one’s fortune and future, but those who own tarot cards know that they are more of insights than foresight. They tell you what you feel and think and how your course of action should go according to who you are. 

They reveal what is most important to you at the moment and help you figure out your feelings towards them. They are more than just guides. They are the voices of your subconscious that tell your conscious self what it needs to hear. 

I felt enlightened

Tarot cards do many things: they warn you, make you see, and remember.  

Divination is more than just seeing what’s ahead; it’s seeing what’s unknown but essential. Sometimes what’s important is something that happened beforehand that may be the answer or the key to your problems now. Even in the cards, perspective matters. 

Remember that thing about the unknown? Sometimes the cards like to tell you something that is there, but you have yet to know, like a hidden personality trait or a plan you aren’t aware of, maybe even a secret enemy or a secret admirer. wink 

Tarot cards gave me hope

There’s no knowing what they will tell you about tarot cards, but rest assured, you will hear what you need. 

Tarot cards might criticize you and call you out, but they give you advice above those things. They give you different perspectives on the matter and tell you something that you might not what to hear but have to hear. The cards give you hope to change. 

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It’s one thing to believe in yourself, and it’s another thing to have hope for changing for the better. If there’s one thing these cards have done, they’ve given me a guide to my path ahead and myself. 

Art Macky Arquilla

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