How to Keep Your Good Luck Going this Year of the Water Tiger

Make this year your year

With January already feeling like a whole calendar year has swept by in just a single month, this is your reminder that we’re just a little ways into the new year. As the Year of the Water Tiger rolls on, your luck can still shift based on your actions: careers can still prosper, relationships can still blossom, and you can still get to enjoy a healthy, wealthy year.

Will the strong sense of confidence and perceptiveness of the Water Tiger seep into your fortune this year? Read on to find out!

The Tiger and Sheep’s Health Will Shine Through In 2022

The energetic and enthusiastic Tiger will enjoy good health, though they might need to be cautious to avoid any physical harm. Those born in the Year of the Sheep had it tough last year, but this year will be different for them, health-wise.

The same can’t be said for Dogs, Rats, and Monkeys. Dogs should ask friends for help when they have health problems. Rats, as well as those close to them, should avoid extreme physical activities.

The Careers of Rabbits and Roosters Will Be On The Rise

brown and black tiger on focus photography
(Image: Unsplash)

Leadership skills come naturally to Tigers, who are often revered and respected. Thus, any management position—or getting promoted into one—is on the horizon this year.

Rabbits will be more inspired to improve their performance or start a business, while Roosters and Horses will have better luck in terms of career advancement this year.

On the other hand, Snakes might have some trouble dealing with office politics. Monkeys would also do well to avoid making big or risky career moves.

Pigs Will Quarrel, But Oxen Will Find Friends and Lovers

The same advice goes to Oxes, whose lucky stars will lead the single Ox to a bountiful, romantic relationship. Their bond with their family and friends will also become richer this year; it will just be a matter of being receptive to such opportunities.

There will be some bumps on the road of romance for Pigs, Snakes, Horses, and—you guessed it—Monkeys. Breakups may be on the horizon for Pigs, and potential partnerships will be dodgy. Snakes will also get in touch with their exes, while Horses are better off focusing on their careers. As such, both must practice caution.

The rest of the signs should expect average luck and are generally advised to be flexible during the fickle Year of the Water Tiger. As the Metal Ox served as the foundation period, there will be plenty of challenges this year. Feng Shui experts warn all signs to stay on their toes and keep a cool head in 2022.

Then again, while those are good pieces of advice, these are just guides. Our fates are still in our hands.


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