The Best Features Coming To iOS 17

The standby mode is definitely a game-changer!

Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote unveiled what iOS 17 has in store for iPhone users. With an array of new features and enhancements, Apple continues to refine its mobile operating system.

With that, here’s a list of the top five iOS 17 features showcased during the event:

iOS 17
Photo by Apple

Empowering Accessibility

iOS 17 highlights accessibility with impressive features that support users with cognitive disabilities.

High contrast and large text buttons ensure better visibility and usability, while live speech transforms text inputs into audio during calls.

iOS 17
Photo by Apple

To add, the ability to create personalized synthesized voices caters to individual needs. This feature shows Apple’s commitment to inclusivity.

Enhanced Privacy

Building upon its commitment to user privacy, Apple announced significant updates to its Find My network and AirTags. These updates aim to prevent the misuse of trackers and enhance user security.

Collaborating with Google, Apple introduced features that warn users if an unwanted device is tracking them. Furthermore, sharing items using Find My enables seamless tracking for trusted contacts.

Revamped Communication Apps

iOS 17
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iOS 17 places a strong emphasis on improving communication experiences. Live Voicemail enables real-time transcription of voicemails on the device.

Additionally, Contact Posters offer customizable caller IDs and profiles, including personalized images, font, and color options, accompanied by memoji support.

iOS 17
Photo by Apple

iOS 17 gives FaceTime the ability to leave audio and video messages, while live reactions and Apple TV support further enhance the video calling experience.

The Messages app also receives a redesign with features such as message search filters, a “Catch up” shortcut, and the option for audio message transcriptions.

NameDrop for Seamless Contact Sharing

iOS 17
Photo by Apple

AirDrop receives a significant upgrade called NameDrop. The feature allows easy sharing of contact info using iPhones or even an Apple Watch. Bringing devices in proximity lets users display their profile information through Contact Posters.

Furthermore, compatible apps allow quick initiation of SharePlay sessions for seamless content sharing.

Stand By: Transforming the Lock Screen

iOS 17
Photo by Apple

iOS 17 introduces Stand By, an intelligent display mode for the lock screen. When docked and charging, the iPhone can transform into a dynamic display. Users can customize clock widgets, access weather updates, view calendar schedules, control smart home devices, use Siri, and even showcase personal photos. Each Stand By experience can be tailored to individual preferences.


While these five features stole the spotlight during WWDC 2023, Apple may release more during the beta testing phase. With its continued focus on accessibility, privacy, and personalized experiences, iOS 17 promises to elevate the Apple user experience.

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