Lo-Fi Beats to Listen to While You Work, Study, or Chill

When we work, study, or chill, we either have background noise going on or we rely solely on silence. For people who want a bit of noise in the background but are distracted by song lyrics, lo-fi beats are a good alternative. 

Words will come up every now and then in lo-fi music but it’s not to the point that it’s distracting. Another good thing about lo-fi is that it helps set the mood to get you in the right mindset for relaxing or being productive.

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To help you choose the right tracks to listen to, here are five lo-fi channels on YouTube. They have numerous compilations of lo-fi tracks, so you’ll surely find one that’ll suit the vibe you’re going for.

Chilled Cow 

Chilled Cow is known for the lo-fi hip hop radio – a 24/7 radio with never-ending tracks. It’s actually one of the longest-running videos on YouTube until its termination last year. However, Chilled Cow was able to fix things with YouTube so the video of the anime girl doing her homework as she listens to lo-fi beats is back. 

Homework Radio

The name says it all. Homework Radio is the perfect channel to go to if you’re looking for background music for studying (or working or chilling). This channel has two live streams if you want random lofi beats, but they also have a wide range of collection that’ll suit your imagination. 

The Jazz Hop Café

The Jazz Hop Café’s mixes will bring you to a whole new different place. This channel tries to capture the vibe of certain places to help you feel like you’re somewhere different. Check out this channel if you’re looking for nice ambient music with beautiful art that will add to the whole experience. 


You can expect cool beats and anime visuals at Ambition’s channel. Ambition has an aesthetic playlist that will make you feel calm, and themed playlists like the sad boys playlist if you’re feeling like it. Each video will be different from one another in terms of the feeling it tries to give off, but all of them will get you in the mood to be productive. 

Nemo’s Dreamscapes

If you love old music but want it repurposed to suit your chill time, Nemo’s Dreamscapes creates ASMR music of old classics. The channel situates the music in certain situations so you’ll get a feel of where and how you’re listening to it. It could be raining while the music is playing, or maybe it’s playing in another room and you’re only hearing the faint sound. No matter the situation, these ASMR videos of oldies music will transport you back in time.

Article photo from the Chilled Cow 

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