YouTuber Mikey Bustos Credited For Discovering New PH Ant Species In His Backyard

The Filipino-Canadian YouTuber’s discovery has been credited as a geographical scientific contribution

Renowned social media personality Mikey Bustos recently discovered an ant species unknown to exist in the Philippines.

In a Facebook post shared on September 9, Mikey described encountering an unusual ant species sporting “red and black colors with peach fuzz and spines on its back” roughly two years ago.

The YouTuber decided to send specimens to his friend, Dr. Dave General, a myrmecologist from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, for further examination. They identified the species as Meranoplus bicolor. It’s one that hasn’t been documented in the Philippines.

YouTuber Mikey Bustos
Photo by Mikey Bustos

According to Mikey’s post, his discovery has been officially credited as a geographical scientific contribution. It contributed to the knowledge of the diverse ant fauna in the Philippines. This newfound ant species became the 555th to be documented in the country. Sharing his excitement, Mikey commented, “I went on to name the ant Species #555.”

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Mikey Bustos is well-known for his YouTube presence. One of his channels, AntsCanada, has over 4.9 million subscribers. He spoke about his passion for ants in an interview with CNN Philippines.

He highlighted that while many viewers on AntsCanada are simply curious about ants and not necessarily insect enthusiasts. To add, he presents his content in a storytelling manner that resonates with a broad audience.

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