Mothers Will Be Mothers, But They Can Be Killers Too

We recognize great mothers all the time. Now let’s look at the worst ones.

Mothers are great people. They keep us safe and take care of us. But not all mothers are nice and sweet. These five seemed saccharine on the outside but turned out to be the opposite.

Angela Flores

Flores thought demons had possessed her children. She jumped on them until they passed away. Nathan, 8; Kevin, 10; and Natalie, 12, couldn’t defend themselves. Charged with murder, Flores ended up in jail. Later, it was revealed that she had an accomplice, a 16-year-old boy thought to be one of Flores’ children. He ended up on trial for murder as a juvenile delinquent.

Amber Pasztor

She lost custody of Rene, 6, and Lilian, 7 due to her drug addiction. But in September 2016, an AMBER alert went out for the two children. A few hours later, authorities discovered their dead bodies in a car behind a police station. Pasztor said she suffocated her children because she was afraid a drug cartel might be after them. She’s now serving 130 years in prison.

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Andrea Yates

This woman drowned her five children in a bathtub. She was almost sentenced to life in prison, but a new court ruling sent her to an insane asylum instead. Her husband filed for divorce a few years later, but he said that he never blamed her. Instead, he blamed her illness (post-partum psychosis).

Jessica Edens

In 2017, before committing suicide, Jessica Edens went on a killing spree. She shot her husband’s girlfriend, then went back home to shoot her children. Hayden, aged 9; and Harper, aged 5, died in the back of Edens’ SUV. Edens then shot herself. She reportedly did all this to spite her husband. They were in the middle of a contentious divorce at the time.

Susan Smith

Two boys, Alex, 14 months, and Michael, 3, drowned in their mother’s car. She strapped them to their car seats and rolled the car into a lake. At first, Smith claimed that a black man hijacked her car, taking her sons with him. She eventually confessed and is now spending a lifetime in jail.

These women started out as great mothers, but they did unspeakable things. Luckily, not all mothers are like them. Many are fantastic, which is why their children are still alive, kicking, and thriving.

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