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Non-Verbal Ways Moms Say “I Love You”

Mothers are naturally warm and caring but won’t always utter the words “I love you.” There are so many non-verbal ways they show their affection and these are some of the things they do that go underappreciated.

Cooking Your Meals

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner, the food our mothers cook is always made with love. She does this so often that sometimes we forgot it’s not an obligation but an act of kindness. There’s just something comforting about all her homemade meals.

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Hugs and Kisses

We’re never too old to receive a hug or peck on the cheek from our moms. Mom and trained psychotherapist Peg Sadie says teenagers and adults still need physical reassurance from parents. When you’re going through something, know that they’ll want to be there for you and that you can count on them.

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Helping You Out

Mothers can sense when you’re in trouble or need help even when you don’t tell them upfront. They make our lives easier by lending a hand with simple things. It could be watching over your kids when you’re at work or cleaning your room when things get too messy.

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Gentle Reminders

Your mom’s gentle reminders are another way of saying “I love you.” The sweet gesture shows they care about you and they want to see you live a happy and healthy life. It’s also more heartwarming when the reminder to take your vitamins comes from her rather than from an automated notification.

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Being Supportive

You might not always see eye to eye, but mothers will always have your best interests in mind. They’ll give you helpful life advice and will want to see you succeed in your endeavors. Even when you make mistakes, they’ll be there to pick you up and help you get back on your feet.

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It’s only fair that we reciprocate our mom’s love. Celebrate them and give them flowers on Mother’s Day or stay in and watch a movie with them.


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