WhatsApp rolls out a feature that lets you set all chats to disappear by default

WhatsApp rolls out a feature that lets you set all chats to disappear by default
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Another day, another app update! WhatsApp recently announced that you can automatically delete your messages after a set period of time through the Disappearing Messages feature. This is such a gamechanger for people who delete messages because they don’t have enough space anymore.

The Disappearing Messages feature was first introduced last November 2020. However, it only automatically deleted messages after seven days. It also had to be enabled per contact or group chat, which could be troublesome for some people.

However, now, WhatsApp is is giving you more options for how long before you want a message deleted. You have the option to wipe chats after just 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days. Isn’t that convenient? 

To turn on this feature, all you need to do is go to the Settings tab. From there, you go to Account, and then to Privacy. Afterward, you then have to select Default Message Timer. You then select the option you prefer. 

WhatsApp said this feature won’t affect your existing conversations and will affect your new chats only moving forward. Plus, your contact will be notified if you put the Disappearing Messages feature on. This is so your contact is aware that his or her messages will be deleted soon. You can disable this feature anytime you want, so you can keep the receipts if needed.

The Disappearing Messages feature is ideal for conversations that involve personal information or for people who want to keep their chats private. However, the other party might still take screenshots of your conversation before they’re automatically deleted. 

If you’re worried that your messages will automatically disappear, you shouldn’t sweat it. This feature is optional only, which means you can still carry on messaging away.

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