Top Travelers Pet Peeves

Top Travelers’ Pet Peeves To Stop Doing

Manage your expectations and pack a lot of patience

The travel bug has truly returned as many Filipinos are raring to go out of the country again three years after the pandemic. But along with these “revenge travels” are the top air travelers’ pet peeves that most, if not all, are dreading to experience once they hop on a plane anew.

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Research has it that, these days, about 7 out of 10 Filipinos plan to travel abroad at least once in the next 12 months. About 82% of the respondents even said that they intend to have more than two trips soon. 

But just before excited Filipinos get to travel to the top four destinations namely Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, it’s best to get to know the not-so-good things that travelers have to bear with before getting to their dream destinations.

1. Rude behavior

Remember that passenger who skips the line during immigration? Or that plane seatmate who has hogged all the overhead compartments with the slew of hand-carry items that he has with him? This is actually something that swings both ways as there are occasions wherein some airline crews seemed to have skipped the customer service training by making a scene despite them being in the wrong. Unfortunately, these moments have been so common when in fact they should not be such!

 2. Delayed flights 

Pretty sure that no one enjoys this, because aside from it being a huge waste of time, money, and effort, it also tends to dampen the mood of the entire trip. While there is no foolproof solution to flight delays, as they can be precipitated by natural causes, one can almost lessen the possibility of suffering from them by choosing to fly with a reliable airline company.

3. Invasion of personal space

Those surveyed from South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan are most offended by personal space invasion during flights. So, next time you’re queueing for check-in or waiting for boarding, be mindful of others and refrain from taking up too much space, especially in cramped areas.

4. Chatty passengers

Australians and Malaysians meanwhile are least sensitive to chatty passengers, while Taiwanese and South Korean travelers prefer more peaceful flying experiences. This especially applies to red-eye and long-haul flights when the most that passengers look forward to, aside from the trip itself, is some shut-eye. But you know, sometimes the best way to get a chatty passenger off your back is to just put that earplug or earphones on and stare aimlessly into the abyss.

Most if not all travelers have experienced these petty annoyances at one point or another. While they can be challenging to face it’s always better to manage your expectations and pack a lot of patience, because sometimes it’s just excitement or some unforeseen factors that are causing people to act that way.

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