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Health Benefits of Black Coffee You Should Know

Did you know that the average adult consumes about three cups of coffee per day? Regardless if you like to drink it out of habit, for the taste, or the much-needed energy boost, your coffee intake might be beneficial for your health. As long as you don’t stir in crazy amounts of sugar and creamer, you should continue drinking it every day.

Health Benefits of Black Coffee You Should Know
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Increase in Energy

It’s common knowledge that coffee can help increase your energy. Drink it first thing in the morning or before a workout to boost your energy and your mood. For some people, caffeine acts as an anti-depressant.  Just refrain from having it later in the day to avoid disrupting your regular sleep cycle.

Fewer Chances of Diabetes

Harvard School of Public Health reports that those who drink coffee black regularly reduce their risk for Type 2 diabetes compared with non-drinkers. This is due to the polyphenols and minerals found in coffee, which help the body better process insulin and glucose metabolism.

Aids in Weight Loss

Although it isn’t a magic potion that will shed the extra pounds, black coffee can aid in weight loss. Creamer and sugar add unnecessary calories to your drink, so cutting them out makes a significant difference. Proper diet and nutrition are recommended for healthy weight loss.  

Rich in Antioxidants

Black coffee contains antioxidants like Vitamin B12 (riboflavin), magnesium, and potassium that can help improve health. Using a paper filter when you brew your coffee at home reduces the amount of cafestol in your coffee, while still allowing the caffeine and beneficial antioxidants to pass through.

Coffee is something most of us can’t live without, and it’s great to know it has health benefits. Stick to black coffee without creamer and sugar if you want to truly reap its benefits and remember to consume everything in moderation. Drinking too much coffee could cause insomnia, anxiousness, increased heart rate, upset stomachs, and headaches.

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