Why you shouldn’t ignore back pain

Everyone experiences back pain. Since it happens to everyone at one point in his or her life, you might be tempted to ignore it. However, you should think twice before letting your back pain be. As per PhilStarLife.com, simple back pain may have some repercussions. 

“One should never really take back pain for granted,” said Dr. Joanna Macrohon, consultant at the CSMC Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. “It can cause disability, resulting in decreased productivity and loss of income,” she explained. “This, in turn, leads to early retirement, and in Montaño’s case, reduced activities as well.”

So, what causes back pain anyway? According to Dr. Macrohon, some of the risk factors that make us predisposed to back pain include:

  • Age. Back pain becomes more common as you advance in age. “Because this is the time when signs of wear and tear show up,” said Dr. Macrohon. “Lack of exercise is also a risk factor. Since your muscles are weak and unused, they are unable to fully support your spine.”
  • Obesity. The excess weight of an obese person puts additional strain and pressure on his/ her back.
  • Improper way of lifting objects
  • Arthritis
  • Smoking

If you experience back pain, when should you consult with a medical professional? Dr. Macrohon says you should if the pain persists for a few weeks. You should also head to a doctor if you experience bowel or bladder problems such as incontinence or constipation, have a fever alongside the pain, or when e pain doesn’t improve despite medications and other home therapies. You should also defer to professional help when the pain is causing weakness, numbness, or tingling sensation, or if the pain is accompanied by weight loss.

Your back pain may be an indicator of more serious health ailments, so you shouldn’t just suck it up. Asking for help might just save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run. 

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