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6 YouTube Channels to Subscribe to for Your Stay-at-Home Fitness Needs

Gyms may be reopening, but with the Philippines still having a high number of active COVID cases, is it really that safe? It’s probably best to continue staying clear of any public space that isn’t for your necessary errands, especially places where you’ll be using the same equipment as other people. 

That doesn’t mean you need to give up on your fitness goals, though! Check out these fitness YouTube channels you can turn to for at-home workouts.

Cassey Ho’s entire channel is dedicated to staying fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home. She creates workouts that don’t require any equipment for this purpose and even has “apartment-friendly” videos for those who are worried about bothering their neighbors with their workouts.

This channel has a lot of great workout videos, including No-Equipment Cardio Workouts and Get Fit & #StayHome playlists that are perfect for quarantine. They also invite experts to talk about health and have features on body positivity, which are vital especially in quarantine with fitness options being limited and mental health playing a bigger factor in wellness.


Check out POPSUGAR Fitness for a diverse range of fun and upbeat no-equipment routines. They’ve got tons of options for you to try, from barre to hip hop workouts. It’s especially great for those who have been meaning to venture new ways to exercise but are too conscious to go to classes. Now, you can start learning these different workouts in your own space. 


What’s great about this channel is that, in addition to having tons of home-friendly workouts, they have programs for just about anyone who wants to get fit. So, you can choose videos according to your level of expertise. They even have workouts for pregnant women and people with limited mobility. 

The Fitness Marshall

If working out alone is getting boring, maybe dancing it out will give you the burst of excitement you need. This channel’s dance workouts, with choreography that’s always inspired and accompanied by the latest music hits, is sure to lift the mood and is a fun way to spice up your daily quarantine routine.

Yoga With Adriene

Not only is this channel good for quarantine because yoga is doable even in small spaces, but it also helps you cultivate your mental and spiritual health in addition to physical health. This is crucial, especially now with the pandemic bringing more stress, emotional weight, and confusion in our lives. Fortunately, Adriene has yoga routines for pretty much anything, from weight loss and strengthening to stress relief and healing.

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