You just wanted a beard, but you didn’t realize the task was as much grooming as it was growing. Now, it’s spiraled out of control — it’s frizzy, not wrapping around right, and just downright unattractive.

You could go to the barber, or you could do it yourself. Here’s how to DIY your dirty beard into a clean look.

Grave Before Shave Facial Hair Shampoo (PhP855.00)

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Image from Lazada

Give your facial hair one good farewell with the Grave Before Shave Facial Hair Wash. Infused with argan oil, this hair wash softens your facial hair and primes it for shaving.

Washing your skin with warm water also eases your pores open to reduce irritation when shaving. The best part is the formula works for all your facial hair, so lather away!

Sofeel Shaving Foam (PhP79.00)

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Image from Lazada

Next, apply shaving cream. Make sure to apply around your beard’s border with enough allowance. The Sofeel Shaving Foam guarantees a smoother shave with its glycerine-rich formula. It’s free of soap residues that can lead to nicks and bumps.

It’s perfect for all skin types too — whether it’s dry, oily, or sensitive, the cream moisturizes your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth aftershave.

Ubeator Electric Hair Clipper (PhP1,341.00)

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Image from Lazada

Time to get down to business. Grab the Ubeator Electric Hair Clipper and slowly shave the fur off your face. After applying ample shaving cream, methodically work your way down from the sides in one straight motion.

The precise 0.1mm stainless steel blade ensures a clean, complete shave. Make sure to choose the right guide comb width for the look you want to achieve.

Stainless Steel Beard Scissor (PhP245.00)

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Image from Lazada

If you just want a trim, a pair of stainless steel beard scissors can take you there.

You don’t need to apply shaving cream; just stick to washing your beard with warm water. Comb it outwards to stretch it out, then trim sideward, parallel to your jaw. Start from the bottom and move slowly up. Don’t forget to trim upwards so the final cut appears natural.

Nivea Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm (PhP432.67)

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Image from Lazada

Finish the chore with the Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm. Dab the right amount onto your face and tap — not spread — until dry. It’s infused with vitamin E and tapioca starch that makes your face feel light and toned.

The balm brightens up even the most sensitive skin, is fast-absorbing, and has a faint fragrance that helps you feel fresh after your shave.

Welcome back to square one with your spotless, beard-free look. Now feel free to start your facial hair journey all over again!

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