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This Korean Skincare Brand Made Different Lines For Three Skin Types

Your cheotsarang (first love) is back with a new look!

iWhite Korea is one of the pioneering K-Beauty brands in the Philippines. It recently gave its products a new look and improved formulation. iWhite Korea is perfect for people building a skincare routine or those who want to scale back.

One of the brand’s goals is to make skincare routines less complicated. To that end, they came up with three lines. These are the Acne+ Skincare Line, the Daily Skincare Line, and the Power Brightening Line.

The Acne+ Skincare Line of iWhite Korea

iWhite Korea products are affordable and safe. That’s why it’s one of the go-to skincare brands here. The Acne+ Skincare Line has three products. First, aqua moisturizer to refine and strengthen the skin’s barriers. Second, facial wash to cleanse and prevent acne. Third, toner essence to improve and soothe the skin.

The facial wash has allantoin, which helps shed dead skin cells to make the skin softer. It also has salicylic acid and tea tree extract. The toner essence has real cica and tea tree extract with natural BHA (beta hydroxy acid). BHA toners help balance out uneven skin tone and prevent blemishes. Finally, the moisturizer has natural ingredients for total hydration. These ingredients include aloe vera, cabbage leaf extracts, and real cica.

Three basic steps

Each product line focuses on three basic skincare steps: wash, tone, and moisturize. The Daily Skincare Line comes in blue packaging so it’s easy to identify which ones are for your daily use.

iWhite Korea made these products with cooling and hydrating ingredients. Those ingredients include aloe vera leaf juice and mulberry bark extract, among others.


iWhite Korea is the cheotsarang (first love) of Filipinas who love K-Beauty. For the Power Brightening line, iWhite Korea packaged it in pink. It has facial wash, moisturizer, and toner essence.

One distinct ingredient from this product line is niacinamide. Niacinamide helps reduce redness or inflammation in the skin. It also minimizes the appearance of pores on the face.

It also has collagen, berry complex, and Vitamin C. These will leave the skin soft and supple. This non-greasy formula is lightweight. That means you won’t feel sticky after applying the moisturizer and toner essence.

Rekindle your love for skincare with iWhite Korea

Taking care of your skin doesn’t need to be complicated. Rekindle your love for skincare with iWhite Korea. These products are now available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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