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Tips on Maintaining a Positive Relationship With Your Body While In Quarantine

As month after month of quarantine passed, the more you probably saw jokes about gaining weight or “letting yourself go” during these times in self-isolation. 

Channeling body positivity amid all the societal pressure to look a certain way was already hard enough. When you pair that with the social media posts that tell you that you have to be extra productive during these times or the photos of people you follow who achieved their #FitnessGoals during quarantine, it’s easy to slip into a toxic mindset when it comes to body image. 

Here are some tips to combat that negative headspace.

Be Mindful About Social Media

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Cleanse your following list from accounts that make you feel bad about your body. Be extra aware of even the small things from social media that can trigger any negative thoughts about eating and weight. Yes, unfollow the influencers promoting diet suppressants, but also reevaluate if you need to be following that acquaintance who always tweets about how you have no excuses to not reach your goal weight or workout for hours during quarantine.

Seek Support

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This quarantine, we need to be extra conscious about staying connected because we just can’t run into or make spontaneous plans with the people we love anymore. Actively seeking support and surrounding yourself with positive influences in your life will make it so much easier to be kinder to yourself.

Focus On What Your Body Can Do

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Wanting to be more fit doesn’t have to lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. Just make sure that you’re improving and tracking what your body can do and handle rather than what it looks like or weighs. Keeping track of how much more energy you have or how much time you can spend doing things you love without feeling exhausted instead of whether or not you can fit into a pair of jeans is so much more productive for both your physical and mental health. 

Factor In Things You Enjoy

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Getting healthier doesn’t have to be miserable and strict. Focus on things that you actually enjoy and make you think more about having a better quality of life rather than obsess about logistics like calorie counts and target weights. This can be anything from doing fun dance workouts to your favorite K-pop album instead of following the repetitive workout trends influencers are doing to finding healthy alternatives to your favorite comfort food instead of eating the same bland recipes you find online. 

Examine the Roots of Your Body Image or Eating Issues

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Paying attention to this can make it easier for you to know how to address the problem. Is this happening because of preexisting mental health issues that have become more prominent during quarantine? Is obsessing over eating habits and weight a way to regain control because of your lack of control over other things during these unprecedented times? Whatever it is, sitting with your feelings and taking the time to identify why exactly you’re being so hard on yourself about your body can work wonders. 

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