Vanessa Hudgens And Madison Beer Launch Skincare Brand “Know Beauty”

“Lifestyle meets genetics” in the new skincare brand launched by Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer

The two celebrities, who share a common experience of struggling with acne, collaborated to create their own “intelligent skincare brand” named “Know Beauty.” Vanessa dealt with breakouts in her early 20s, while Madison had consistent acne in her late teens.

Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer created KNOW in partnership with their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Karen Kagha, to build a smarter way for people to know their skin,” Know Beauty wrote on their website.

“Vanessa and Madison grew up in the public eye, facing unrealistic beauty standards. Both founders have different skincare journeys, but they share one common goal: skincare shouldn’t be trial and error. It should be based on what’s right for you (and not what works for someone else).”

Vanessa Hudgens And Madison Beer Launch Skincare Brand "Know Beauty"
Photos: Instagram/weareknowbeauty

Lifestyle and DNA

The brand recognizes that a lot of factors affect a person’s skin, including one’s lifestyle (sun exposure, hydration, exercise, diet, stress, etc.) and genetics (skin sensitivity, pigmentation, collagen quality, etc.) 

“Our genetics indicate our skin’s predisposition to common skin problems and help us predict future issues before they appear. Our science-based Skin DNA test helps you get to know your skin on a much deeper level – taking the guesswork out of building a routine,” they said.

Know Beauty has a Skin DNA kit, a skin test that customers can take at home and later on send to the skincare brand’s lab to get a personalized Skin DNA Analysis profile.

“Everyone’s skin is unique, because we’re born with genetic factors that behave differently. By taking a closer look at our DNA, we can understand how to support these genetic variants through hard working ingredients.”

Know Beauty is also 100% certified cruelty-free, makes use of “conscious formulas,” and has recyclable, reusable, and responsibly sourced packaging. 

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