Why You Shouldn’t Wear Heels Too Often

We know that heels are a symbol of power for women. They make us feel fierce, confident, and ever so capable in the workplace, at events, or just anywhere.

But heels do carry a few health risks that not many know about. Read on to find out how heels can negatively impact your body.

It can cause arthritis

Heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes that can be worn, and one Harvard study proves it. In the study, researchers found that wearing two-inch heels places 23% more strain on the inner knee than wearing flats. The strain forces the knee forward to accommodate for the added pressure needed for the wearer to walk or stand.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Heels Too Often

Coincidentally, women are twice as likely than men to develop osteoarthritis in their knees. The study implies that maybe heels are the problem.

It can cause bone damage


Aside from the fact that you can break your ankles easily in stilettos, heels in the long run can actually damage your bones. When you wear or walk in high heels for extended periods of time, you can expect stress fractures and cracks in the bones of your feet.

It can damage your leg and foot muscles

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High heels point the heel of the foot in an unnaturally upward position, effectively shortening the Achilles tendon, the muscles located at the base of the calf. When this happens, chronic leg pain and muscle spasms can occur.

It might give you bunions

Many women can attest to the fact that heels have led to them developing bunions. A bunion is a large lump on the joint at the base of your big toe. Though heels aren’t a direct cause, they do foster a good environment for them to form.

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“Wearing high heels forces the weight of your body onto the ball of your foot,” Dr. Schox, a podiatriast, said to ABC Everyday. “If you are wearing narrow shoes, this force then compacts your toes into a small space, which may encourage bunions to form and may exacerbate problems associated with existing bunions.”

It can alter your posture

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Prolonged use of heels can place stress on parts of your body like your lower back, hips, and knees. Because of this, your body starts to adopt more awkward and unnatural positions, which can have a permanent effect on your posture.


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