6 K-Fashion Accessories Every K-Popper Needs to Own

It’s true that the South Korean wave has taken over the world. Aside from their distinct music and exceptional TV dramas, Koreans are well-versed in fashion and are quite famous for their A-Okay sense of style.

If you’re wondering how to jazz up your daily Korean-inspired OOTD, fret no more because we have six must-have accessories you should own.

Sesura Zip Around Sling Bag

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Photo from Zalora

This chic sling bag is perfect for the minimalist K-pop fan. The Sesura Zip Around Sling Bag is so simple that it will suit almost everything in your closet.

Peculiar and Odd Peculiar Round 3010 Anti Radiation Replaceable Lens Eyeglass

Photo from Zalora

Eyeglasses remain a trendy accessory even in K-fashion. Perfect your day look with this Peculiar Round 3010 Anti Radiation Replaceable Lens Eyeglass that can protect your eyes from harmful rays. 

London Rag Faux Pearl And Rhinestone 2-Star Hair Clip

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Photo from Zalora

Because of K-pop idols, hair clips have made a huge comeback last year. Case in point: Lisa of Blackpink and Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Wear this elegantly embellished Faux Pearl And Rhinestone 2 Star Hair Clip In Silver Finish to stylize your messy bun!

Joystyx Big Ribbon Clip

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Photo from Zalora

A true-blue K-pop fan knows how to turn their aegyo on. Perfect your sweet and kyeopta getup with this Joystyx Big Ribbon Clip. This rose-colored clip will make you look dainty with a cute poof on the side of your head.

ESPRIT Printed Scarf

Photo from Zalora

Every K-pop fan must know that a scarf is a must-have accessory when it comes to K-fashion. This stylish and unique ESPRIT Printed Scarf will surely upgrade up your look from boring to classy.

Jansport WAISTED

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Photo from Zalora

Waist bags, aka bum bags, have evolved into a chic and sophisticated K-fashion staple. It has become a big hit, especially to idols, because it can be worn with formal dresses and casual wear like this Jansport WAISTED waist pack. For a more edgy touch, wear this bag across your body over a casual shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers. 

Look like your favorite K-pop idol by having these basic items! Get your K-fashion essentials only at ZALORA and get your hands on anything and everything at the tap of a button.

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