Five personalities based on the shoes you like

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Your favorite pair of shoes can say a lot about your personality. So whether you like pumps, heels, loafers, or sneakers, read on to find out what your favorite pair reveals about you.

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One word: Confident. People who wear heels really stand out of the crowd, literally and figuratively. For one, not everyone can go around in heels, and second, wearing a pair shows your willingness to take on risks. For the confident, lady boss in you, check out Isidora Faye from Clarks.

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Dress shoes

Wearing your fave dress shoes shows that you are a man who has a clear grasp of what you want and when you need it. You are pulled-together and know how to show yourself some respect. Dress shoes can sometimes be uncomfortable but Clarks’ Bampton Wing will surely give you the comfort you are looking for. 

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If you are a sneakerhead, you totally are sociable, goal-oriented, adventurous, and yes, sporty. Because you are always on the go, a good pair of sneakers will take you wherever you need to go. Good thing, the Arla Stride from Clarks is made of layers of cushion soft foam and an ortholite foot bed that work together to bring plush underfoot comfort.

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Who wouldn’t love ballet flats? They are cute and girly, and at the same time, exude a quiet elegance. It’s no wonder that people who love wearing flats are those who are more reserved and tend to be low key just like these Gracelin Lola flats from Clarks. 

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Not surprisingly, people who like wearing loafers are the meticulous ones according to Reader’s Digest. Just like how practical loafers are made, people who love loafers tend to be responsible in all aspects of their lives. So, this holiday season, gift yourself a Claude Plain from Clarks. It’s both lightweight and flexible, promising comfort and style to its owner

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